"California Chrome"

Commissioned TV Table wood burning

  • Role Designed the ocean scene to work with horses freedom
  • For A gift from the client, a mother, for her daughters 50th birthday
  • Date June 2016

The completeion


Sometimes you meet people that become friends through art. California Chrome TV Table was such a project. When I put this up on my Yuba College Alumni site one of the alumni said I will take it, even before it was done. She had a daughter getting ready for her 50th birthday who loves California Chrome. The daughter does homeschooling so never seems to have a table of her own to work on or use due to school clutter, the TV Table idea fit with her needs. It also provided her favorite race horse to be around. But, as I was doing this burn another alumni started talking able Chrome in a very familiar tone and I came to find out she is the daughter of one of the owners of California Chrome. The project became a memorable experience so I personalized the table with her name and my son Trevor wrote a poem to go with it as you will see in this project collection.
In art each piece develops into a personal statement for my clients, and the memory is worth more than the money paid.

Personal design poem

Design layout

Getting involved

Enjoying the burn!