Coffee Table "Tree" Series

Coffee tables (tea table?) invented by J. Stuart Foote of the Imperial Furniture Company in 1920. Foote said he was helping his wife prepare for a party and lowered the legs on a regular table and created the first coffee table. During the 1920s coffee was gaining popularity, and perhaps this led to the name. Again the womans needs and the mans solution! Man and wife, what a team!
LOL, my coffee tables may not have that type of story but it is a good one.
A friend donated several large slabs of oak wood for me to burn on and oak is one the bes, although the grain dose present its challenges.
There are 5 slabs and 4 will be in my series using trees as a theme, however, the extra one is for the friend as a gift, his will be in the hunting theme shown that is being designed now. Stay tuned for the rest of the story!
These tables will be for sale as a set, or individually.

Progress, almost done with the boarder leaves getting ready for the foreground design layout and burn!

Hunting table for friend…design and transfer layout

Transfer done, more to come…

Boarder first for control, this takes time in itself.

The Oak Table in process

“Oak Table” First in Tree Series of four. 18" x 48" x 1.25" thick. Skirting and legs to be hand make for each with additional burns.

One done, three to go…

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