Buffalo Series

Wood burning, drawings in charcoal and pencil

Bison Board: 8' x 12" x 1" thick: This board is from a horse barn that is over 100 years old.

Bison Board Details

This series was done over a period of a year and a half in the beginning of my pyrography study’s. Owning an old barn offered me the choice of wood in many different sizes and shapes. The 8' Bison Board offered a panoramic opportunity for my bison to roam. Being one of the first attempt’s at wood burning, the learning curve was long! After understanding that fine sanding is important and dark wood doesn’t take varnish without going dark and loosing the entire burn, it got done. Of course I re-burned re-sanded and refinished it four times before this became clear, LOL.
The Fearless Bucky was the same only the wood is lighter and better to burn on. However, over burning was the problem and after doing and undoing it four times I was finally satisfied with the outcome. Not satisfied with the edges though and so I covered it with leather strips in order to create a soft and appealing edge and applied leather to the back. Plus, having a base to hold it up right was important so I built a custom support for Bucky.
Experiments are needed to find good materials and doing the Buffalo Pizza on bamboo turned out to be interesting. Bamboo doesn’t burn like wood but it does burn nicely, and there are many interesting items made from it such as lazy susan’s, pizza boards and even paddles.
The two mamma bison drawings are part of my obsession in art, I truly love to draw. Drawing with charcoal makes subjects come alive with emotions and I could draw with it all day long…
The final part to this series is the poster which was done by my daughter and I on a table for her. I will add that project in full to the archive as soon as possible. But it was a wonderful project that we did together and I will have that experience in my heart forever.
In July I will be putting the series up for sale in it’s completion or looking for a show place in one of our local establishments.
Hope you have enjoyed this story and I will try to get around to other projects that have brought me much satisfaction in their production.
Have a wonderful day.

“Fearless Bison”: This is a 24" x 3" thick poplar wood round with leather trim.

“Fearless Bison” details

“Hug”: Framed 24" x 30" Charcoal drawing on paper, framed.

“Kiss”: Framed 24" x 30" charcoal drawing on paper, framed.

“Bison Pizza Board”: burned on a 16" x 24" bamboo board.

Buffalo Poster: 20" x 20"