Buffalo Series

At this time Bucky is in an event called September Stampede 2017 with the Western Arts Rodeo Association. In October it will be done and I will let you know where Bucky placed. Each month I will enter another piece to keep me sharp on the subject. I hope you will participate by voting each day for one of my works or one of the other artists.

This series was the beginning of my pyrography study.

An 8' Bison Board offered a panoramic opportunity for bison to roam and being one of the first attempt’s at wood burning was a long learning curve! Soon I understood sanding is important and dark wood varnishes dark!

Bucky, same learning curve with lighter wood better for burning. Yet over burning was the problem and it took me four times to be satisfied with the outcome.

Buffalo Pizza Board, bamboo material, which turned out to be an interesting surface.

The pair of Mamma Bison drawings are done with charcoal and lead pencil making the subjects come alive. Drawing is a passion for any artist, I am no different…

Please enjoy my series, if interested email me for prices.

“Bucky”: 24" round x 3" thick: poplar wood

“Bucky” details

Bison Board: 8' x 12" x 1":Board is from a horse barn over 100 years old.

Bison Board Details

“Hug”: Framed 24" x 30" Charcoal drawing on paper, framed.

“Kiss”: Framed 24" x 30" charcoal drawing on paper, framed.

Buffalo Poster: 20" x 20" to be done

“Bison Pizza Board”: 16" x 24" bamboo board.

Up Next:

Sail Boat .....