Coffee table series: Four Trees

Coffee Table two: Poplar

  • Role Develop four complete coffee tables
  • For Coffee Table Series made from oak slabs
  • Date 2017

Coffee Table Number two lay out and design, Poplar is the tree theme for this one, the burn will be video taped I hope!

This project began when I was given four oak planks in payment for a gift burn. So as time has gone by I am developing four coffee tables with them. Trees are the theme and each will be designed as inspiration develops. The Oak Tree Table is posted by itself since the design is complete. They will each be developed with a skirting and legs designed to the tree theme.
Stay tuned this should be fun!
As an added decision this piece will be my first attempt at filming its burn. Please be patient there will be a learning curve. To practice there will be a small piece done and it will be posted soon.