Horse Head series of five

Four wood burnings of Horse Heads plus a foal

  • Role Experimented with finishes, contrast, details and depth.
  • For Practice and to be sold as a set or single
  • Date 2017

Baby complete, 12"x 14" bass wood pyography with frame. $125.00/$25.00 for personalized words on back plus shipping.

Baby has been so much fun! I am finishing it up now with the polyurethane then finishing the top and bottom.
When it is purchased I will personalize it on the back to fit the gift.

Layout and design


detail and video

As a previous horse owner it was a privilege to have the company of ARTEMIS: (The Olympian goddess of hunting). However my Artemis was a 16 hand bay gilding who matched the description but as a gentleman. He waited for me, listened and understood the moment. I will always miss him and this series is dedicated to him and his memory. Hope you enjoy!
Well today I can say the " Drinking Horse" has gone on to a wonderful family as a gift. He sold for $225.00 and I personalized it for $25.00 (the buyer added this amount, very grateful!) I will be adding the story and photo after it has been presented. Good day today June 3, 2017.

White, 14"x 24" pyography on bass wood, $225.00

Drinking Horse, 14" x 24" pyography on bass wood $225.00 (sold)

Drinking Horse (back personalized), 14" x 24" pyography on bass wood $225.00 (sold)

Drinking Horse, design layout

Frisian Black, 14" x 24" pyography on bass wood $225.00

Calm Mare, 14" x 24" pyography on bass wood $225.00