Horse Head series of five

Four wood burnings of Horse Heads plus a foal

  • Role Experimented with finishes, contrast, details and depth.
  • For Practice and to be sold as a set or single
  • Date 2017
Baby has been so much fun! I am finishing it up now with the polyurethane then finishing the top and bottom.
Now I can tell “The rest of the story”. I did Baby for a life time friend of mine because it was her birthday and I was going to get to see her after 38 years. We grew up together and were best friends, so I had planned to give it to her then. Well, the moment fell through and so did three others. But, this weekend she was able to come to my home for that visit. When she saw it was hers she said it was her favorite and saw it was for sale, so she wanted to get it before it sold. Well I had offers for it but told them it had been sold. Now it is in her home, where it belongs. Friendship, everlasting when it is true. Carol, I hope you enjoy Baby as much as I did bring it to you. Take care and see you soon!

Baby complete, 12"x 14" bass wood pyography with frame. $125.00/$25.00 Baby has sold.

Layout and design


detail and video

As a previous horse owner it was a privilege to have the company of ARTEMIS: (The Olympian goddess of hunting). However my Artemis was a 16 hand bay gilding who matched the description but as a gentleman. He waited for me, listened and understood the moment. I will always miss him and this series is dedicated to him and his memory. Hope you enjoy!
Well today I can say the " Drinking Horse" has gone on to a wonderful family as a gift. He sold for $225.00 and I personalized it for $25.00 (the buyer added this amount, very grateful!) I will be adding the story and photo after it has been presented. Good day today June 3, 2017.

White, 14"x 24" pyography on bass wood, $225.00

Drinking Horse, 14" x 24" pyography on bass wood $225.00 (sold)

Drinking Horse (back personalized), 14" x 24" pyography on bass wood $225.00 (sold)

Drinking Horse, design layout

Black Frisian is my next horse head series piece, of which is already bringing me an emotional statement. Horses allow us to do as we please with them, ride, train, groom and sometimes be misunderstood. The put up with many mistakes and enjoy our love all at the same time. This burn is making me remember how strong and brave my horse was.

Frisian Black, 14" x 24" pyography on bass wood $225.00

Calm Mare, 14" x 24" pyography on bass wood $225.00