Horse Head series of five

As a previous horse owner it was a privilege to have the company of my horse “ARTEMIS: (The Olympian goddess of hunting)", however Artemis was a 16 hand bay gilding who matched the description, but as a gentleman not a female goddess. He waited for me, listened and understood the moment.
I will always miss him, this series is dedicated to him and his memory.

“White” This pose is for the moment our horses finish a bath, head up so clean and shinny…looking for the dirt to roll in! The favorite so far, a pleasure to do.

" Drinking Horse” has gone on to a young girl as a gift from her parents.
The pose is familiar and this came from Artemis drinking out of my bird bath in the back yard. His beautiful face so thankful for cool water.
(Sold for $200.00, personalized for $25.00)

“Black Frisian” War horse, strong, defiant and beautifully proud. Artemis was like that at all times, unless a stray sage bush rolled across the field…
can’t get away fast enough!

“Calm Mare” Always calm, waits for the time, then goes without question to allow a ride she knows not the destination.
This too was Artemis…

White, 14"x 24" pyography on bass wood, $225.00

Drawing study, because … this went as a gift to a teacher in New York, she is an artist too, studied at Yuba College.

Starting is always difficult and hopeful.

Drinking Horse, 14" x 24" pyography on bass wood $225.00 (sold)

Drinking Horse (back personalized),

Drinking Horse, design layout

Drinking Horse detail, again beginning

“Black Frisian”, 14" x 24" pyography on bass wood $225.00

The nose, a starting place…

Progress, more to come…

Calm Mare, 14" x 24" pyography on bass wood $225.00 Only designed, not transfered yet, after Black Frisian is done.

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